Game Birds

Our team have the experience and knowledge required to drive flock health and cultivate fit birds that can perform, whether this be in breeding stock or hatcheries, on the rearing field or out on shoots.

We’re actively involved in the industry and focus on a preventative approach to all aspects of game production, from management of the laying bird and egg production to the hatchery, rearing and release.

We offer a range of services, including;

      • Veterinary site visits and post mortem examinations
      • Proactive health planning through regular visits and strategic testing.
      • Performance data review and benchmarking.
      • Access to veterinary advice all day, every day.
      • Two accredited laboratories providing for all your routine and diagnostic testing requirements.
      • Digiflock: our bespoke, online, clinical recording database with client access
      • Hatchery audits
      • Health examinations and certification prior to purchases and sales
      • Discounted packages tailored to your needs.
      • Dispensary and prescription service.
      • Exclusive range of products, such as our Agricure range.
      • Training events and accredited courses.
      • Consultancy for new rearing sites and shoots.


PHS Game Bird Vets: Reactive when you need us, Proactive when you don’t.


Our Aim

We want to be a true partner to your business by helping you to evolve in all aspects of your production. In doing this, our aim is to improve bird health and welfare, and to deliver birds that fly consistently for your customers and shoots.

Our Advisory Role

We are proactively engaging with the game industry through organisations such as the Game Farmers Association (GFA) and the British Game Alliance (BGA) and we can advise on these schemes. We also liaise with Government and Regulatory bodies regarding matters that affect the game bird industry and represent the interests of our clients.

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