Research & Development

PHS vets are continuously involved in several Research and Development projects; these include collaboration with research and governmental institutions and also field development trials for new products and diagnostics.

Example of recent projects are below:


Pro Health Project (2013-2018)

This was a 5-year EU multi-million Euro project looking at sustainable poultry production within the EU.

PHS was the poultry lead partner in this project, which included 10 academic and 12 industry institutions across the EU.

A number of PHS poultry producers and poultry integrators participated in this project over the 5-year period and have benefited from the latest interventions at no cost to the producer as the costs were covered by the EU grant.

New Salmonella vaccine registration in the UK (2018)

This was the field trial for registration of a Salmonella vaccine in the UK from a multinational pharmaceutical company.

University and APHA projects (ongoing)

Development of new diagnostics with the RVC and investigations on pathogenicity of different bacterial strains with the University of Surrey and APHA.

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