Commercial Poultry

Our commercial poultry team’s priority is to help your business by supporting its most important element – your birds.

We work with all commercial poultry and game bird species, including broilers, pullets & layers, ducks & geese, turkeys, game birds, commercial hatcheries and racing pigeons, and offer a wide range of knowledge and clinical skills.


We offer a range of services for commercial poultry, including:


Our aim

Our aim is helping you improve your flock’s health, welfare and performance by putting all of our resources at your disposal, including a team of poultry vets with a varied background of knowledge that ranges from welfare to meat production, from Campylobacter to government policy.

Business Growth

We offer a service that helps you to grow your business and to keep your animals healthy. We operate in the UK, Germany, Spain, Russia, Brazil and in Africa, and offer a multilingual service too.

If you’re looking for veterinary expertise for your

commercial poultry business, get in touch today.

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