September 2021 Newsletter

Exciting Laboratory News Newbridge Scientific is the new in-house poultry laboratory for Poultry Health Services. In the next few weeks, you will receive confirmation of the moving of services from Biobest Milton to Newbridge Scientific along with new submission forms and pre-paid labels, where required. Newbridge Scientific has two laboratories – one currently based at… Read more »

August 2021 Newsletter

Hot weather: Supplement with Vitamin C When broilers and laying hens are submitted to heat stress, their capacity to synthesize Vitamin C diminishes. This can compromise their immune system, making them more susceptible to disease. Vitamin C is routinely used in South American countries and Spain where, most of the year, broilers and laying hens have… Read more »

July 2021 Newsletter

Dealing with heat stress in the coming summer months Here are a few tips to deal with heat stress over the coming months: Avoid feeding at the hottest times of the day Thin broilers at earlier / lighter weights Check ventilation and reduce humidity (in high humidity, temperatures feel higher!). Make provision for additional storage… Read more »

June 2021 Newsletter

Our new website has launched! Visit our new website at to find out who is who, where to find our practices, our opening times, phone numbers, laboratory submission forms and the latest news. You can also browse our online shop, which will be offering more products over the next few months, including detergents, disinfectants and… Read more »

May 2021 Newsletter

What can be done practically at farm level to monitor red mite? By Megan Wood BVSc MRCVS, PHS Sheriff Hutton (York) As we have now reached Spring, it is time to look ahead to warmer days and what can be done at farm level to control red mite through Spring and Summer. This month we… Read more »

April 2021 Newsletter

The impact of bacteria on water quality by Natalia Furman DVM MRCVS Did you know that up to 70% of the chicken’s body weight is water? Water plays an important role in digestion, absorption of food, transportation of nutrients in the body and elimination of waste products via urine. Water with high levels of bacteria… Read more »

March 2021 Newsletter

PHS Edinburgh has moved! PHS Edinburgh has outgrown its current facilities at Pentlands Science Park, south of Edinburgh. The Scottish branch has moved to a new site at Newbridge, west of the city, and the poultry laboratory, which will be known as Newbridge Scientific, will relocate over the coming months. The new building has been… Read more »

February 2021 Newsletter

New for 2021! – Broiler Lab Packages PHS always strive to come up with new ideas for your business. We have developed three broiler lab packages: Premium, Intermediate and Standard. The prices* for the lab packages are based on 6 crops per year. These can be mixed and matched depending on your specific needs and… Read more »

January 2021 Newsletter

Fix your vet costs for 2021 In the current unstable economic climate, we are offering fixed price veterinary plans for broilers and layers to help our producers budget their veterinary costs for a year. By paying in advance for the year, you will make savings for every house that you put in the plan. The… Read more »

May 2020 Newsletter

Covid-19 Update All our vets are available for post mortems and emergency visits, with routine health plans being done remotely via phone or conference call facilities. Our dispensaries are open for orders of vaccines and supplements and our labs continue to operate 7 days a week. We have implemented a very strict biosecurity plan through… Read more »