August 2022 Newsletter

URGENT: Salmonella Samples

Some samples are still being sent to the old lab address. We have been making daily runs to collect these samples, however, this has now ended and the old pre-paid envelopes will no longer be accepted by the Royal Mail. Any samples sent to the old Milton address will not be collected, logged, or tested. To avoid delays and samples not being processed, please check your submission forms before sending samples to make sure that you have the correct address. Our new address is; Newbridge Scientific, 1 Melville Park, Newbridge Industrial Estate, Clifton Hall Road, EH28 8PJ. If you need more submission forms, kits, or require pre-paid labels for the new laboratory, please contact the Sheriff Hutton branch at or ring us on 01347 820366.

Online poultry training courses

We are one of the accredited training providers and offer a number of courses online. These courses are very competitively priced and can be undertaken at your leisure from home. After completing the course, the certificate must be saved on your computer or printed off for your records. Remember to also provide the certificate to the Poultry Passport as proof of completion.  You have up to 12 months to complete your course. After 12 months, the access will be withdrawn, and any courses not undertaken will expire, so you will need to pay to register again.

For more information about the courses that we offer, visit our training platform, FarmIQ on this link: Poultry and Gamebird courses: Health, welfare and biosecurity (




Are your birds eating enough this summer?

Low feed intake can occur during hot weather, leading to suboptimal growth and a decrease in egg production and egg weight. One of the interventions available to overcome this is the use of Agricure Energy.

This product contains a combination of sugars: Dextrose and Sorbitol.  Dextrose gives immediate energy as it is quickly metabolised and absorbed, and Sorbitol, a slower metabolised sugar, provides a reserve of energy for a longer period.  Therefore, this product has been very useful at the time of thinning and prior to depletion in broilers.

Agricure Energy also contains Betaine which serves as an osmoregulator and can be used to reduce the negative effects of heat stress and coccidiosis. Betaine also improves digestibility and intestinal cell growth, which in turn increases water retention and reduces water in the excreta which can also improve the moisture contents of the litter.

Agricure Energy is an EXCLUSIVE PHS product and normally retails at £31.99+VAT OFFER PRICE is £22.80 +VAT  for 5 litres.

These are selling fast, so please contact your local PHS branch as the Offer is valid until stocks last.   (T&C’s apply- no return for offer stock).



Bulk orders on our nutraceutical range

At PHS, we have our own brand of nutraceutical products which can now be purchased on pallets for your convenience with FOC delivery (subject to minimum orders).

Our supplements are our own specifically blended products with ratios chosen by specialised vets for use in specific circumstances.

Supplements are for use around stresses such as vaccination,  during thinning and transfers, and heat stresses. Supplements can be used as a preventative measure to reduce antibiotic usage and help to increase overall performance and profitability.



A guide to preventing Poultry House Fires

In mid-July, the UK reached blistering temperatures across the country. This posed a series of challenges for all of the farming community. Sadly, this heat has resulted in several poultry house fires. This has come as a disaster for the individual farmer/business affected by these devastating fires. These fires have not only caused the loss of the poultry houses but also in some cases, the loss of the entire flocks within these houses.

Preventing these fires is the most important part of fighting them, as once they start, they are often very difficult to stop.

Ensure equipment is in order.

Check the health of your poultry house.

  • Prepare a quick exit for the birds.
  • Planning for the worst-case scenario.

UK government guidelines and advice can be found at  Farm Fires – Protecting farm animal welfare (



Prevention of rodent infestations on poultry farms

DEFRA has recently updated its ‘Code of Practice for the prevention of rodent infestations on poultry farms. In addition to compliance with this Code required under the Lion Code, the presence of rats and mice on poultry farms has a significant impact on production and increased the risk of infections including Salmonella and Avian influenza. Rodents can also cause damage to buildings and wiring, contaminate the feed, and can consume large amounts of feed (that otherwise, would have gone to the hens).

The new version of this Code can be found here:

Please do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of your vets if you have any questions about your rodent control plan or to discuss changes to this COP further.


Advertise with us for free

Do you have a vacancy? Or want to sell equipment? Are you struggling to recruit? In Spring 2022, we launched the new PHS ‘Classifieds’ section – an online space for advertising jobs, equipment, services, and more for the poultry and gamebird industry in the UK. Please contact your local PHS branch for more information or to send us your advert. This service is available for free to PHS clients and for a small fee to non-clients.

Social Media

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