July 2022 Newsletter

URGENT: Salmonella Samples

Some samples are still being sent to the old lab address. We have been making daily runs to collect these samples, however, this has now ended and the old pre-paid envelopes will no longer be accepted by the Royal Mail. Any samples sent to the old Milton address will not be collected, logged, or tested. To avoid delays and samples not being processed, please check your submission forms before sending samples to make sure that you have the correct address. Our new address is; Newbridge Scientific, 1 Melville Park, Newbridge Industrial Estate, Clifton Hall Road, EH28 8PJ. If you need more submission forms, kits, or require pre-paid labels for the new laboratory, please contact the Sheriff Hutton branch at sheriffhutton@poultryhealthservices.com or ring us on 01347 820366.

Heat stress. What else can I do to improve efficiency and productivity?

One of the main effects of heat stress is the reduction of feed consumption which results in poorer growth and reduced egg production and egg quality. In addition to managerial interventions to control temperatures inside the sheds, there are a number of products that can be used to optimise productivity at this time of the year. Products vary in quality and composition. Our Agricure range is priced competitively and has been carefully formulated by poultry vets and poultry nutritionists to help in periods of heat stress. Demand for these products is high at this time of the year and therefore we advise to place orders as soon as possible to secure stock.

We recommend:

  • Chick gel – To hydrate the chicks on arrival to the farm. This gel has also a probiotic incorporated which gives the birds the best possible start.
  • Electrovits and Hydrovits – 48 hours prior to catching to help to maintain weights.
  • Immunoplus – 48 hours before and 48 hours after vaccination to help with energy recovery following the immune response to vaccines.
  • Enteroguard – To improve intestinal health and reduce the risk of coccidiosis in times of sub-optimal feed consumption.

Remember to sanitise your water lines as bacteria grow faster at higher temperatures. We stock a range of products to clean the water lines. From hydrogen peroxide products to organic acids.  If you would like to test the quality of your water, we can supply the water kits that you need and can also provide pre-paid envelopes to return the samples back to the lab. If you need a test kit please email; sheriffhutton@poultryhealthservices.com

Or call 01347 820366 if you would like to discuss the options for your farm, please contact our friendly team of poultry vets who will be delighted to help.



Farmers’ input sought for new animal welfare scheme 

ADAS and Qa Research are inviting dairy, beef, laying hens, sheep, and pig farmers to take part in a Defra-funded survey on animal welfare standards. Views gathered will be used to inform a potential future Defra-funded payment-by-results scheme to reward English farmers for achieving better standards of animal welfare on farms. The survey will ask English farmers to consider different scheme formats and payment prices for a range of options aimed at delivering welfare improvements specific to their main farming enterprise.  Participation in this survey is voluntary and all participants are free to withdraw at any time during or after responses are submitted.

The survey can be accessed here https://surveys.qaresearch.co.uk/public.asp.

All responses and data will be stored securely by ADAS and Qa Research and anonymised to remove any details that could identify you or your farm.


Price Rise from Zoetis

Unfortunately, Zoetis has made the decision to increase their prices by 3% from 1st July 2022. Therefore we will have to increase our prices to clients by the same margin. The below message has been sent by Zoetis.

‘Zoetis has reluctantly decided to increase their product prices. This increase will be 3% on all poultry products, which is well below the current inflation rate and will be effective from 1st July 2022. We do of course appreciate this mid-year increase is not typical of Zoetis but we hope you understand our reasons for taking this difficult decision.’

 As a business, we hope that you understand and we thank you for your continued support. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this increase please speak to your local PHS branch.



Boehringer—Gallivac IB88 Neo & Gallivac IBD S706 Neo

Some good news from Boehringer. For those clients who currently use Gallivac IB88 Neo, Boehringer has dramatically reduced the price of Gallivac IB88 Neo. This has been passed on to the clients with immediate effect. For those clients who currently use Gallivac IBD, this has been relaunched and is now called Gallivac IBD S706 Neo. Our vets will make a point of contacting you before you need to vaccinate. But if you have any concerns or questions please give your local PHS a call.  In next month’s newsletter, we will have more product information on Gallivac IBD S706 Neo.


Can you help Surrey Farm Animal Veterinary Society?

The Surrey Farm Animal Veterinary Society is putting together a list of farmers who would be interested in having first and second-year vet students on placement with them. It aims to help younger students find farms for their placements and hopefully allow more students to consider poultry as a career pathway. If you are interested in being added to this list, please email surreyfavs.sfavs@gmail.com with your name and address, telephone number, and type of production (broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks, geese)


Advertise with us for free

Do you have a vacancy? Or want to sell equipment? Are you struggling to recruit? In Spring 2022, we launched the new PHS ‘Classifieds’ section – an online space for advertising jobs, equipment, services and more for the poultry and gamebird industry in the UK. Please contact your local PHS branch for more information or to send us your advert. This service is available for free to PHS clients and for a small fee to non-clients.

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