“We must improve pet poultry services…”

“We must improve pet poultry services” Owners often struggle to access healthcare of pet poultry, but during the avian influenza outbreak, these birds have been neglected further by veterinary practices, argue Henrietta Kodilinye-Sims and Alex Royden (PHS Lead Vet (Northwest)). This must be addressed both in the short term and for future provision of care:… Read more »

Game Site Assessments and Assurance Schemes

With a vast array of assessments and assurance schemes now available for game bird sites, the PHS game bird vets have put together this handy guide to help you choose the best one for you. You can also view a larger version of the guide, here. For more information and to speak to a game… Read more »

How farmers can achieve better broiler leg health

Broilers are bred to be fast-growing, with average daily liveweight gains of about 68g and final kill weights typically exceeding 2.8kg, according to Aviagen Ross 308 performance objectives. This makes them susceptible to leg health issues, which are estimated to reduce profits by 10-40%. Vet Marie Menniti of Poultry Health Services, Edinburgh says it’s difficult… Read more »

Changes to Red Tractor Standards

From 1st November 2021, Red Tractor are changing their standards. We’ve summarised the key actions you need to be aware of and how we can help in a handy table, which you can view here. . .

The 2021 Joint Communication on Antibiotic Usage in Game Birds

The Joint Communication on Antibiotic Use in Game Birds has been released and you can read it here. As with all sectors, but especially food producing sectors, there continues to be a need to further reduce the levels of antibiotics (AB) prescribed. In the attached document there are some summary figures from the 2020 data… Read more »

RodentGate Project 2021 – Get involved!

This is a project that starts in autumn 2021 to investigate the role of rodents as reservoirs of pig and poultry diseases, and what might happen under the proposed new stricter European and National regulations on rodenticide use. Using a combination of field data collection and modelling, researchers will look at how ecologically-based rodent control… Read more »

What does it take to succeed in poultry production in different parts of the world?

Sara Perez, Clinical Director at Poultry Health Services, joins other poultry leaders from France, Mexico, China, Brazil and USA amongst other countries to discuss the latest developments in the regional poultry markets and to celebrate “World Poultry Day”. Join us on a trip around the globe! https://www.boehringer-ingelheim.com/animal-health/poultry/spotlight-poultry-chicken-trends