September 2021 Newsletter

Exciting Laboratory News Newbridge Scientific is the new in-house poultry laboratory for Poultry Health Services. In the next few weeks, you will receive confirmation of the moving of services from Biobest Milton to Newbridge Scientific along with new submission forms and pre-paid labels, where required. Newbridge Scientific has two laboratories – one currently based at… Read more »

August 2021 Newsletter

Hot weather: Supplement with Vitamin C When broilers and laying hens are submitted to heat stress, their capacity to synthesize Vitamin C diminishes. This can compromise their immune system, making them more susceptible to disease. Vitamin C is routinely used in South American countries and Spain where, most of the year, broilers and laying hens have… Read more »

The importance of high-quality feed

In the latest ‘The Expert View’ blog post on ShootHub by GunsOnPegs (sponsored by PHS), PHS has teamed up with Sportsman Game Feeds to discuss the importance of high-quality feed, how manufacturing standards are maintained, what to look for in feed, and their work for sustainability. Click here to read the blog post. If you have any questions… Read more »

Keeping game birds healthy in the heat

As the mercury rises, game birds can struggle to stay healthy in the heat. In the latest ‘The Expert View’ blog post on ShootHub by GunsOnPegs (sponsored by PHS), PHS’s Lead Gamebird Vet, Will Ingham, looks into how you can keep your birds in top condition in warmer weather. Click here to read the blog post. If… Read more »

July 2021 Newsletter

Dealing with heat stress in the coming summer months Here are a few tips to deal with heat stress over the coming months: Avoid feeding at the hottest times of the day Thin broilers at earlier / lighter weights Check ventilation and reduce humidity (in high humidity, temperatures feel higher!). Make provision for additional storage… Read more »

Clean water means healthy game birds

Keeping your gamebirds disease-free is vital to ensure good returns when the season rolls ’round, so ensuring they have clean water is key. In the latest ‘The Expert View’ blog post on ShootHub by GunsOnPegs (sponsored by PHS), PHS’s Lead Gamebird Vet, Will Ingham, explores the various ways to make sure your birds have a good… Read more »

June 2021 Newsletter

Our new website has launched! Visit our new website at to find out who is who, where to find our practices, our opening times, phone numbers, laboratory submission forms and the latest news. You can also browse our online shop, which will be offering more products over the next few months, including detergents, disinfectants and… Read more »

The 2021 Joint Communication on Antibiotic Usage in Game Birds

The Joint Communication on Antibiotic Use in Game Birds has been released and you can read it here. As with all sectors, but especially food producing sectors, there continues to be a need to further reduce the levels of antibiotics (AB) prescribed. In the attached document there are some summary figures from the 2020 data… Read more »

RodentGate Project 2021 – Get involved!

This is a project that starts in autumn 2021 to investigate the role of rodents as reservoirs of pig and poultry diseases, and what might happen under the proposed new stricter European and National regulations on rodenticide use. Using a combination of field data collection and modelling, researchers will look at how ecologically-based rodent control… Read more »

What does it take to succeed in poultry production in different parts of the world?

Sara Perez, Clinical Director at Poultry Health Services, joins other poultry leaders from France, Mexico, China, Brazil and USA amongst other countries to discuss the latest developments in the regional poultry markets and to celebrate “World Poultry Day”. Join us on a trip around the globe!